Boost your patients’ engagement

Your patients will love how our sleek and interactive home exercise program supports them throughout their journey. From motivating patients to fulfill their exercise goals to helping them overcome challenges, Physiotec boosts engagement and drives results.

Perfect printouts
If professionally branded printouts are what you're looking for, Physiotec is the right choice for your practice. We offer a wide range of print layouts, as well as tracking and summary sheets. Enjoy 15+ customizable formats that are fully adjustable to meet a range of patient and therapist needs. Don’t see the layout you need? No problem. Simply request a custom design from our support team.

15+ layouts

Adjustable font

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The right tools for patient success
Want your patients to do their exercises more? Give them the tools for success: inspiring and easy-to-follow videos, step-by-step instructions, daily reminders, motivational messages and fun tracking tools. Not only will patients want to do their exercises, you can trust they’re doing them right.

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