Private Practice Software
PPS integrates seamlessly with Physiotec putting all of the essential tools at your disposal so that you can focus on treating your patients.
Accessing Physiotec In PPS

Whenever you open up a new consultation in PPS you’ll see a Physiotec symbol in the toolbar, simply click the icon to launch Physiotec. Any exercise programs that you create will be saved to PPS too and can be seen in your consultation history.

Activating Physiotec in PPS
If you’re already subscribed to Physiotec it’s really simple to set-up access via PPS.
When you’re ready to get started simply navigate to settings where you can enter your physiotec ID and activate your practitioners, once this is done Physiotec can be accessed via your PPS consultation screen using the PPS web-based interface.
Check out our simple setup guide for more detail: