Nookal is the leading practice management software solution for the allied health industry. Nookal provides business owners, managers and health practitioners with patient management tools and real-time visibility of business performance in a way that’s simple, smart and secure.
Writing Clinical Notes in Nookal

In Nookal, you can easily record clinical notes directly from an appointment or from the client’s profile page via the Clinical Notes tab.

Linking PhysioTec with Nookal
1. Launch PhysioTec. Open up PhysioTec.
2. Choose an existing program or build a new program in PhysioTec.
3. Select the appropriate Clients to send this program to. As a note, Clients should already be synced from Nookal to Physiotec, so you can choose existing Clients.
4. This Program will be available via the Client > Documents section for each Client in Nookal.