Cliniko &
Synchronizing between Cliniko and Physiotec is simple. Whether you have one location or many, in a matter of steps you are able to sync patients and their programs to Cliniko. Eliminating the need to duplicate your work!
Practice management software made simple.

Easily manage your patients, appointments, contacts, invoices and more with Cliniko. With our 30 day free trial, you will be up and running in a matter of minutes!

Simple integration within a few steps

To get started with the integration, you simply need to generate an API key in Cliniko and input that into Physiotec. You will select the businesses and practitioners that you would like to have synced, and you are on your way!
Patients will get synced every 5 minutes and completed programs will sync to the patient’s files in Cliniko. Eliminating the time and effort of doing this manually.
1 Create your program in Physiotec
2 Send the program to Cliniko using the “Send to EMR” button
3 View the program in Cliniko under the patient files