Clinic Appointments & Physiotec
Clinic Appointments has integrated Physiotec services into it's online customer portal, allowing clinics across the UK easy access to tailor-made programmes for their patients.
Patient Records Software

Our fully-featured Patient Records software with full physiotec integration allows clinics keep track of everything in one place.

Linking Your Clinic Appointments Account
Using Clinic Appointments and Physiotec together is simple. Just add your Physiotec API key into our secure portal, then click the link in our Patient Records section to go directly to that patient's record in Physiotec.
3 Points:
  • Get your API key from Physiotec and send it us to add to your account.
  • Go to the Patient Records page for your client and click the Physiotec logo.
  • You will be taken straight to that person’s record in Physiotec.